6 Architectural Wonders of Barcelona

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The cosmopolitan city of Barcelona is situated in the Catalonia part of the country. Apart from the superb food and vibrant nightlife, the city is famous the world over for its unique art and Catalan architecture. The works of Antoni Gaudi, are admired by designers and architects from all corners of the globe because of its distinctive style. The stunning examples of this master architect, have greatly influenced the face of the city and can be seen almost everywhere in Barcelona. I teamed up with Expedia.com to give you an idea of his creativity and other architectural masterpieces of Barcelona, you should take a look at some of the important delights this city has to offer. Such is the unmistakable style displayed,that even a person who knows nothing about architecture, will be instantly able to recognize the unusual characteristics of the building  that cannot be found elsewhere.

Top Architectural Delights in Barcelona, Spain

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Casa Vicens

Erected between the years 1883 and 1888,this is the initial important creation of Gaudi. This modern style building is located in the Gracia on Calle de las Carolinas neighborhood. The building has white and green tiles on it which give it a spectacular facade and give off its unique style. Beyond the decorations, one can notice the corners of the building have ridges in order to avoid giving it the classical architecture look. Since Casa Vicens is a private building, it is closed to visitors. However, there are no restrictions in viewing  it from outside, and admiring the splendid cast iron railings which go around it.

La Pedrera

Considered these days to be the most imaginative residential building built in the history of architecture, this is Gaudi’s sculptural masterpiece. Recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1984, this perfect blend of fantasy infused in an architectural landmark, is a must see attraction for every visitor. Built between 1906 and 1912, the La Pedrera is located in Barcelona’s Eixample. The facade looks like a sea, with the waves perfectly interacting with the motifs on the balcony railings.

Park Guell


Another UNESCO heritage built between 1900 and 1914, this is a complex inside a garden. Some of the buildings designed so dynamically here, include the house of Antoni Gaudi. The true characteristics of his work covered with irregular ceramic tiles, is displayed in this Art Nouveau movement. An ideal place for a stroll as well as admiring Gaudi’s artwork, Park Guell has an imposing colonnaded hall and a serpentine shaped terrace. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to see in Barcelona.

This garden city project was actually initiated by Eusebi Guell, but remained incomplete. The City council, ultimately laid claim on the property, resulting in an imaginative and colorful public park expressing each minute detail of Antoni Gaudi’s special blend of mixing architecture with the natural surroundings.

Palau Guell

This is one project which is different from any other project of Gaudi. Serving as the residence of the Guell family, this palatial house consists of an unusual parabolic dome in the central room. There are circles on the ceiling of the lounge, giving it a look of a planetarium. Chimneys and conical vents on the roofs give a resemblance of fir trees and makes for one of the best viewpoint in Barcelona. This ideal blend of Gaudi’s exuberant style and medieval opulence was completed in 1890 and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Casa Calvet

The Calvets were a family of leading textile industrialists and Casa Calvet was specially built for them in a distinct conventional style by Gaudi. The facade was made of stone along with the windows and other interiors. Inspired by nature, as was his wont, Gaudi gave a shape to the balconies like a curve as depicted in some fairy tales.

Pere Calvet set up his business on the ground floor (which typically houses a restaurant these days), and used the upper floors for his private residence. Awarded as the best building of the year in 1900 by the city council, the Casa Calvet is a tribute to the baroque style of Catalan architecture.

La Sagrada Familia

This church, which is considered to be the most famous work of Gaudi, is actually undergoing construction since 1892. Slated to be completed by 2030, the design and architecture of the church displays effectively the close relationship between man,religion and nature. This undisputed  symbol of Barcelona offers breathtaking views of the city from any of the towers on the church. Declared a World Heritage Site, the building work continues on through private donations. The Sagrada family church of Atonement, has three important facades, each of them relating to three pivotal moments in Jesus Christ’s life- his birth, his passion, death,  resurrection and his future glory. Each facade has four towers representing the 12 apostles. A dome shaped tower, under construction, will eventually crown the apse, symbolizing Virgin Mary.

The architectural marvels of Barcelona are unparalleled anywhere else in the city, let alone any other corner of the world. Such is the unusual mastery of Gaudi’s architecture that Barcelona has become a premier sightseeing destination, for tourists and art lovers alike.

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  1. Svetoslav Dimitrov November 10, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    I was there 2 months ago, as you read in my article :)), and I desparately fell in love with it.

    Sagrada Familia will be finished in 2026, by the way, commemorating 100 years since Gaudí passed away.

  2. Love the pics. The architecture does look magnificent.

  3. Sabine @ The Travelling Chilli November 20, 2016 at 3:00 am

    The architecture of Barcelona is so beautiful and unique. It’s amazing what Gaudi could do. Barcelona is so worth a visit!

  4. Barcelona is one of those cities that is chock full of things to see and do…especially in the architecture.

  5. That’s one of the highlights in this city, the unique and awe inspiring architecture. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  6. An Outcast Wayfarer November 20, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Barcelona is one of the most interesting cities in Spain… due to the sick architecture…. Gaudí is one of my favourite architects!!

  7. what can I say . . . Barcelona is my hometown! Oh! And that I could add 100 more wonders on your list 😉

  8. I love the architecture of Barcelona! It is just incredible and so beautiful

  9. i loved barcelona and all the gaudi architecture!


  10. I was blown away by all of Gaudi’s works in Barcelona. Loved every minute of my travels there. I think Park Guell was my favorite but La Sagrada Familia was amazing, too. Did you go to any of the art museums?

  11. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in Spain! Wonderful post, thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely visit Casa Calvet next time I’m there.

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