ANGEL’S BILLABONG [Crystal Clear Natural Pool in Nusa Penida]

Nusa Penida was EXACTLY how I imagined it to be – This magical place right out of a fairy tale! When I first planned my trip to this lovely island nestled close to Bali, I wasn’t sure if the pictures I saw online of places like Angel’s Billabong, Kelingking beach etc were for real. I mean with so many dramatically photo-shopped images going on these days, you really need to see it to believe it.

My first night in Nusa penida was quiet and uneventful – it was hard to believe all these natural wonders were hidden just an hour away from the center, ready to be discovered and shown to the world. Little did I know it entailed one of the roughest bike rides ever to get to my first stop – Angel’s Billabong.

A quick tête-à-tête with the hostel manager gave me a fair idea of where to go and what to see on nusa penida. Basically, all the spots on my list were on the west coast of the island (but trust me there is tons to see on South and East as well) so I decided to check it out on my first day.

I was told that the road to the Broken beach can be really awful so I decided to follow the signage to Angel’s billabong in order to have an “easy first day”. Boy, was I wrong.

NoteAngel’s billabong is the exact same location (just few mins walk apart) from Broken beach. The signage does NOT tell you that. 

Well the upside is that once you “do” manage to get these through the shoddiest roads ever (its NOT an understatement) and almost falling off your bikes a few times, you will be rewarded with not one but TWO amazing natural attractions you can gawk at, amused and enthralled.

angels billabong

First look at Angel’s Billabong

After parking our bikes, we asked around for directions to the lovely sight. With limited signage, the best thing to do is follow the crowds.

As this was my very first attraction of Nusa Penida, I was excited to see what the fuss is all about. I mean I just drove 1.5 hours in the blazing heat on those downtrodden paths so its got to be worth it, eh? It WAS!

Walking along the stone stairs, I was impressed by the ocean views around me. Note – we were not even at Angels billabong yet but just the path to it was so stunning, I simply had to keep stopping for pictures.

angels billabong nusa

Breathtaking views en route to Angels Billabong

That’s when I knew Nusa Penida IS truly a paradise. I could sit there looking at the clear blue waters crashing against the cliffs, all day long – seriously! Anyways, I had to keep going to see the “real attraction”.

angels billabong nusa penida

Yeah I could sit here all day long

After a 2 min walk, I saw a few people taking selfies on these erratic , sharp rocks so I had to climb in to what was going on.

angels billabong rocks

Rugged sharp rocks

That’s when I saw it – Angels Billabong – the prettiest bluest natural pool. At that point, I wished I was the first one there and take a dip alone in that amazing setting.

First look at angels billabong

First look at angels billabong

angels billabong nusa island

What a lovely view of waves crashing into angels billabong

Tips for Visiting Angel’s Billabong, Nusa Penida

Drive Safe – This is perhaps the best advice I can give you for visiting Angels Billabong. As I wrote above, the road will be the crappiest you have ever driven so unless you have decent experience in riding a scooter (better still if you can ride a dirt bike), don’t even attempt it. I would not recommend this ride for newbie drivers at all. Your other options would be hiring someone to take you around on a bike as a pillion or renting a car.

Know your Way – GPS signals all over Nusa Penida are bad so save the map offline and keep an eye out for signs. Trust me you would not want to go in the wrong direction considering the tough drive.

Start your day early – Go as early as you can to enjoy the natural pool to yourself. Otherwise, its just packed with tourists taking selfies and you don’t want to be in the middle of the chaos. Also since there is no nightlife on this island, waking up early is pretty easy!

angels billabong beach

You don’t really want to go late like I did to find tourists in this pretty spot (I would’ve loved to have it for myself)

Comfortable footwear – Wear comfy shoes as there is fair bit of walking and climbing rocks involved to reach Angels billabong.

Fill up gas  – If you are riding a bike, be sure to fill up your fuel tank at the petrol pump in the city. Gas is not cheap en-route (IDR 20,000 for a liter vs IDR 6500 at the fuel station).

Angels Billabong Bali Cost

nusapenida angels billabong

It is not too expensive if you can ride a bike. Cost for renting a scootie is just IDR 50,000 ($3.6) per day. Parking and gas costs are minimal (Less than $3 total) if you fill up at the station.

If, however you choose to hire a tour guide to drive you there on his bike , rates are in the ballpark of IDR 250,000 ($18). I would recommend this option if you are not confident of riding a bike.

You can also opt for a full/ half day car rental starting at $30.

How to Reach Angel’s Billabong

angels billabong

Angels billabong nusa penida location is very easy to spot on the map as it is one of the most popular attractions of the island.

Convinced to visit this awesome natural pool uniquely framed between cliffs and arches? Well, then visit Nusa penida and tick off Angels billabong from your list.

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