73 Amazing Holiday Destinations to add to Your Bucket List NOW


“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

As travelers, our bucket list keeps growing based on our never ending wanderlust. There are so many amazing holiday destinations – some off-beat and some rather commercial. However, we want to explore every inch, we possibly can, of this beautiful planet. Not that we need new ideas but here are 73 Amazing Holiday Destinations to draw travel inspiration from , as shared by top travel bloggers and avid travelers from across the globe. Want to know what makes your favorite blogger kick off their shoes and say – This is where I belong?

Read on to discover new amazing holiday destinations –

Ryan Biddulph From BloggingFromParadise

phuket thailand

Definitely Phuket, Thailand. Bali and Chiang Mai are knocking on the door but the combo of beautiful beaches, modern conveniences, kind locals and heck, the cost of living is so low, I hate leaving the place. I stay on the Southern end of the island, in Rawai, away from the hustle and bustle of Patong. Whenever we land at the airport, Phuket feels like home, more than any place on earth.

Dave Levart From Dave’s Travel Corner


California – The combination of diversity of weather, natural attractions and people in this state is highly appealing to me. I love the fact you can be on the beach in the morning and on the ski slopes in the afternoon. You can be in cities that people from around the world come to visit one day and then experiencing some of the most incredible natural beauty the next. And the people that have moved here from around the world – bringing their own cultures, food and customs. The can do attitude. And it is a hub for a number of prominent industries.

Rachael Drury From RoamTheEarth

dylan turkey

The riverside town of Dalyan in Turkey is my favourite holiday destination as it’s the one place in the world that I find myself going back to again and again. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, with its majestic mountains and crystal clear lake and river, the food is fantastic and one of the most amazing beaches in the world, Iztuzu Beach, is just a short boat ride away. Home to loggerhead turtles and some of the kindest people in the world, Dalyan is a place that everyone falls in love with, go back to again and again and some even set up home there.

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Lucia From Unexpected Wanderlust

old providence columbia

Old Providence, Colombia – Providencia is a tiny island no one knows about. Everyone heads to its sister island, San Andres, which is overrun with tourists and big hotels. Providencia, on the other hand, has passed laws that protect the island and keep it in the hands of the locals. You can drive around the entire island in 40 minutes, but you never get tired of the Sea of Seven Colors or of the incredibly warm islanders. It is truly the most beautiful place I have ever seen to.

Rob Taylor From 2TravelDads

Narada Falls Rainbow Mist in Mt Rainier National Park 3

One of the best places to escape into the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest of the USA is Mt Rainier National Park in Washington State. The mountain is known for being beautiful from every vantage point around the state, but up close, it’s breathtaking. Our favorite activity here is hiking to waterfalls. From lush forests to alpine meadows, each trek to the next waterfall is more beautiful than the last.

Noemi From PinayFlyingHigh

pelion greece

Pelion or Pilio, a lesser known place in Greece is probably one of the underrated places I’ve ever visited. The non-touristic and rustic feel of the whole place makes such a good introduction of the true beauty of Greece. Pelion caters to all kinds of travelers – from the mountaineers to sun worshippers, an endless array of activities is available for them. Famous for its sunny beaches during the summer and also a popular destination skiing destination during winter, I’m surprised why this place has not been picked up by international travelers. But I guess that why it has kept its beauty all these time?

Lyssie From She Went To Spain


For me, one of the most amazing holiday destinations is Andalucia, Spain. What’s not to love: beaches, mountains, culture, history, and Spanish wine that flows more freely than water. Andalucia has perfect weather all year round, whether you prefer snow for skiing in the Sierra Nevadas or sun for beaches in Almeria and Cadiz. Beautiful Andalusian horses perform shows in Jerez, or venture to a traditional Flamenco show in Sevilla, the most romantic city in Spain. Take a step back in time and visit Moorish castles and palaces in every small village dotting the South of Spain. The Costa del Sol is known for averaging 360 days of sunlight per year. And everywhere in Andalucia, you can grab a local beer for one euro. Andalucia has something for everyone!

Karolina From KarolinaPatryk


Our favourite place in the world is Thailand! We love to travel to different countries and don’t really like to visit the same place twice.But it’s different with Thailand. We can’t resist visiting this amazing country every year. We love everything about Thailand- Thai food, Thai people, awesome weather and low prices. We really appreciate that it is a safe country. We are not afraid to leave the hotel at night because we know that nothing bad will happen to us. After visiting more than 30 countries in the world we still haven’t found a place that can even be compared to Thailand!

Vik From I.Am.Vagabond


Alaska the name itself conjures up visions of unadulterated natural beauty, of pristine glaciers and animals roaming wild, of cold chilling winters and bright sunny summer nights. Yes you can never go wrong with making Alaska your travel destination.

Priyanka Bhattacharya

old manali

Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay- Dalai Lama. The rustic charm of Old Manali makes one wonder how withered structures seem so inviting, how a simple narrow sidewalk scattered with years of heritage engages you. Nothing fancy just old and dingy condos with remarkable wood crafting but such was its charisma that even today if I get to walk through the same narrow sidewalk I would do so in an eye-blink. The moist breeze, the buzz from the nearby kiosk lane, surrounded by the earthy smell from the slight drizzle that day, I could recall each and every detail of the walk through the transcendent lane. The fact that we stumbled upon that particular route was a beautiful mistake. Things don’t always go as planned; plans don’t always work out no matter how thorough you are with it. What do you do when this happens…you just need to go along with it. When things go according to the plan, great! When they don’t even better! When we trust the timeline of our lives, when we surrender, when we let go of the plan, the true plan gets room to unfold. Manali has given me tons of memories and it has definitely given me innumerable reasons to come back. (To Manali, with love)

Rebecca From A Creative Nomad

amazing holiday destinations

The Isle Of Skye is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. I love the myths and history. I love the people (this is all without mentioning the whiskey). Edinburgh is a beautiful historical and unique city. The Lochness river is unlike any.

Josh Rigo From Wander With Josh


It may be cliche, but I’m forever in love with Italy. The culture, the food, the people, the variety of landscapes…. There really is something for everyone. I particularly fell in love with the lakes and mountains of Northern Italy. I’m counting down the days until I get to go back!

Prue and Becks From Straight on Detour

Lake O'hara

Lake O’hara, Yoho National Park, Canada – When we approached the Parks Canada desk the ladies eyes sparkled the moment she mentioned Lake O’hara. We knew right then that we had to go. The bus was full though so we’d have to hike 16 kilometres via the ‘fire’ road just to get there. “No worries” we thought, “We’ll try.” After a 3 hour hike we emerged in an alpine haven of glittering iridescent lakes surrounded by cliffs. The larches had turned gold with the first hint of winter and the views from the top of Opabin Plateau showcased the most glorious view of region. A place so unspoilt and so exquisite that Lake O’hara tops our bucket list.

Raksha Nagaraj From Solo Passport


I am a girl who believes in fairy tales. I love everything about them, including the mystical landscapes. Why am I telling you this? Well, because my favourite holiday destination comes straight from the fairy tale, which is “Queenstown” in New Zealand. Being in South Island of New Zealand, Queenstown offers some spectacular landscapes and breath taking views. Every time I visit Queenstown, I am awed and spellbound by the beauty this place has to offer. Of course, Queenstown is even more special as I overcame my fear of heights, by bungee jumping the first commercial bunjee bridge in the World. No other place, that I have visited so far, has even come closer in taking the crown of Queenstown.

Chris & G From Chris & G Travels

koh lanta

If I could snap my fingers and be there now…I would say Ko Lanta, Thailand. We stayed on the beach in a bungalow for $14 a night and rented at scooter for $5 a day. The people of the island were relaxed and friendly. We would sit on the beach with our computers and work a few hours a day for our mobile income. After “work” we would take the scooter all around the island and explore. However, these days, we spend our time living and traveling full time in our Class A motorhome around the US. At this stage in our lives/travels this is best for us. But I do think very fondly of our time on that island.

Duke Stewart From DukeStewartWrites

thai food

Honestly, my favorite holiday destination has to be Thailand. Whether it’s the awesome and exotic islands in the south, Bangkok and the madness that comes with it, or the beautiful natural scenes that form the north surrounding Chiang Mai and other cities; I’m happy. Not only does it abound of biodiversity and beautiful landscapes, but the cities are more civilized than some places I’ve lived in America. Then there’s the food that well, everyone who’s ever visited will mention something different that they love. I think that shows there’s something worth discovering in Thailand and why it’s my favorite holiday destination.

Elaina From NomadVentura


Malta is a perfect place to relax, unwind, soak up some culture, meet people from all over the world, learn about fascinating European history, explore some amazing underwater life of, camp in caves and cliff dive into the sea and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and landscapes everywhere. All you could want or wish for, Malta delivers and then some.There are Neolithic temples still standing that date back to the time of the Pyramids of Egypt, beautiful crystal caves and alluring grottos to explore.The people of Malta are as memorable as the country itself. They welcome everyone to their shores and share stories over mouth watering Mediterranean food and wine. Malta is amazing – just go and see for yourself!

Svenja Willruth From Travel-Blog-Repeat

golden gate bridge california

One place very high on my list of favorite places is beautiful California, and as even that leaves too many options, I’d like to name San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a symbol for one of my all-time favorite travel destinations. California has it all, mountains, deserts, the ocean, big cities, small towns, good food and enough places and adventures for almost every kind of traveler. Golden Gate Bridge is not only well-known from movies and TV, it is also truly beautiful close up and personal. Even though the Bay Area is famous for its unpredictable weather, sometimes you get really lucky and can actually see the bridge in the sunshine, in all its bright red glory. In the photo (taken on a road trip in summer 2005) you can see me shivering in front of Golden Gate Bridge, high up on Battery Spencer, which is the perfect place to take postcard-worthy photos.

Divya Shetty 

Aescher Berggasthaus

A few years back while surfing the internet for unique places to visit I came across this picture that instantly made me sit back and take notice. I was not sure if this is real. I thought its one of those pictures that must be Photoshopped ,enhanced and put up on the internet. Somehow I couldn’t get this picture out of my head. I saved it and it remained my wallpaper for the longest time. This surreal picture triggered the travel bug in me once more.
After years of drooling over a picture i saw on the internet , I finally managed to hunt it down and click the exact picture I saw minus the goat. After a 6 mins cable car ride up..a 40 minute hike down and a walk through a dimly lit cave i was finally here. I couldnt believe my eyes. I had to pinch my myself back to reality. Aescher Berggasthaus a 170 yrd old mountain hotel is built literally into a
cliff. It serves the worlds best Rostii !! Its open only from May to Oct and remains shut for the rest of the year. There’s no wifi, internet or Tv, but with a view like this..who needs them anyways? It hardly sees any Indian tourists. It was like a Dream come true. I am so glad I finally managed to tick this off my bucket list. Enough reasons to add it to yours?

Jake Allegro From Carpe Diem Amigos

snorkeling in ko chang

If I had to choose just one I’d have to go with Ko Chang Thailand, a beautiful island off the southern coast with rolling mountain roads, beautiful ocean front views, the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, and of course AMAZING FOOD! Ko chang was an experience all its own in my opinion. It offered activities ranging from camping hiking, and snorkeling, to beautiful ocean walks, relaxing white sand beaches, and a cuisine that was just to die for! It definitely stood out as one of my favorite places I’ve ever stayed (and definitely tempted me to stay and run away to Thailand!)

Cynthia Lee From Every Footstep an Adventure

Canyon Sainte-Anne

Canyon Sainte-Anne – It’s no secret that I love waterfalls. There’s just something so indescribably beautiful and magical about them. Canyon Sainte-Anne is a spectacular feat of nature in Québec, Canada with the most gorgeous waterfall, Sainte-Anne Falls. The water plunges over 74 m into the gorge below where it continues flowing down the Saint-Anne-du-Nord River. There were rainbows in every single direction you looked. I was so happy when I was able to capture this distinct rainbow directly over the waterfall! The sights, the sounds, and the whole atmosphere around waterfalls are just so beautiful and bring me such joy.

Ayngelina Brogan From Bacon is Magic

long haul flights

One of our favourite places is Italy. With amazing food, wine and architecture you never need to visit a museum, everything is out on the street. Check out their complete list of long haul flight tips on Bacon is Magic.

Katja From KatjaVsWorld


My favourite destination is definitely Barbados. This small island in the Caribbean sea has everything you need for a perfect vacation. Breathtaking beaches with turquoise waters and tall palm trees, sugar cane plantations, rum distilleries, luxury resorts with golf courses, tasty food and friendly locals. It also offers budget accommodation and it is ideal for budget travellers (I didn’t believe that before I went there).

Ankita Sonawane From Transforming Escapes

hammock goa

Goa the land of the Susegad life, is a mesmerizing mix of Portuguese culture, coconut-laden curries, white-sand beaches, palm fringed highways and a cheery vibe that I have my heart set on. Goa is like a home I always want to keep going back to, every visit is distinctive. Rains have a magical ability to transform Goa into a wonderland of paddy fields, waterfalls and green landscapes. Go beyond the common perceptions of Goa to make the most of your time there, travel by local transport, visit the idyllic coastal villages, tuck into delectable Goan cuisine, choose home-stays and travel mindfully to experience the best of Goa.

Tanya From Sweet Pea Adventures

Phu Quoc vietnam

My new favorite holiday destination is Phu Quoc, Vietnam. It’s a small island off the southern tip of the country that hasn’t been overrun with tourists yet! There is awesome sea food and some of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen. The water is super clear and we had a great snorkeling trip. They also offered diving and kayaking tours that I’m excited to try for next time. We did a little jungle trekking which led to a beautiful waterfall one morning. Each night there is a fun Night Market that has several stalls for clothes, jewelry, art, and most importantly food! There are lots of great snacks, street food, and fresh seafood to choose from. Phu Quoc has everything you need for an awesome holiday, activities, beaches to relax on, and great food.

John Roberts From InTheLoopTravel

Burmese kid

The stunning beauty of Burma, also known as Myanmar, is obvious when you see the sunrises, sunsets and stunning golden temples and Buddhas. But the Burmese people, especially the friendly and heart-stealing children are the soul of this mysterious country in Southeast Asia. From the bustling city of Yangon to the serene villages and peaceful farms that sit along the important Irrawaddy River, Burma is opening to more tourism during a period of transition for the government. It’s a fabulous place to explore now while you can fully appreciate its innocence and charm.

Alyson Nachman From My Virtual Vacations


Everyone must go to Bermuda! Not far from the US East Coast,it feels like you are visiting both the UK and the Caribbean. It’s is the perfect family vacation. The beaches are amazing with colorful foliage, stunning rocks, soft pink sand and crystal blue water. The cuisine, especially in the authentic British pubs, is delicious. They have a great variety of festivities, like Harbour Nights which is held every Wednesday night in the summer, along with sailing and sports tournaments year-round. The locals are always welcoming in their traditional high, dark socks and Bermuda shorts. Truly a beautiful tropical paradise, every day is a holiday in Bermuda.

Molly Geoghegan From HummingdazeProductions

Lake Klöntal

Lake Klöntal (Klöntalersee) in Glarus Sud, Switzerland – I traveled to Switzerland for the first time in summer 2013 and opted out of usual Swiss hotspots to visit a family friend an hour southwest of Zurich (by train) in a small town called Mitlödi. She graciously showed me around; the most breathtaking spot being this view over Lake Klöntal. In an area not swarming with tourists, there are trails, beaches lining the lake, boats to rent, and cafes overlooking the lake. I remember the glare in my camera being too bright to see what I’d taken and being genuinely stunned later just how #nofilter the scene really was.

Seema Shetty


One of the most amazing holiday destinations for me is this beautiful island named Curaçao. It is a Dutch Caribbean island so you will see the uniqueness in this island with the pastel colored buildings, architecture and of course beautiful beaches and rich coral reef. It is also a great location for scuba diving.I personally liked this place along with all the other islands that I have traveled to because I worked for a famous Cruise liner and I have traveled to almost 40 countries and more than 100 cities throughout the world; though Curaçao is the place that I would love to go back again and again. Curacao is an autonomous country now but it was from the kingdom of Netherlands. It has beautiful beaches and that’s what I enjoy the most. There is something to do irrespective of ones personality.Laze around and enjoy the serene beaches. Drink in European style (one of my favorites too) or just scuba or walk through the floating Emma bridge and enjoy having a meal on the boardwalk of Willemstad.

Trisna Brindamour From Suma Lifestyle

san marcos

San Marcos is this gorgeous little village on the banks of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The lake is known for it’s picturesque surroundings of volcanoes and hills. It’s said the area has healing powers and after visiting it’s easy to see why. This spot was so memorable to me because I did a yoga retreat up in the hills and this was the view from my morning shower! We stayed in shared cabins and woke every morning at sunrise to views of volcanoes spewing smoke then started the day with meditation and yoga!

Kat From Kat Is Travelling


I chose Tromso in Northern Norway as my favourite destination. When you’re as far North as Tromso you can experience natural phenomena that are pretty rare. In the summer there’s the midnight sun (which means you can ride the city’s cable car at 1am!) and in the winter there’s a great chance to see the much-chased Northern Lights.For me though Tromso is magical because of its connection to the Arctic. As the place where polar expeditions leave the mainland for Svalbard, there is something undeniably thrilling about knowing you are walking in the steps of people who have explored some of the wildest and most untouched places on Earth.

Vicky & Chris From Eat Sleep Love Travel


Our favourite holiday destination is: Florence. Florence was were we took our first trip together and not only did we fall in love with each other we also fell in love with this gorgeous city.Bursting at the seams with culture, Renaissance art and architecture and monuments this city is an art lovers dream. We loved the UNESCO listed historic centre of Florence, home to the impressive Florence Duomo (Cathedral), we felt like we were walking through an open air museum. Coupled with amazing food and world leading fashion, what’s not to love about this beautiful romantic city?

Sandy and Vyjay From IM Voyager


Here is our write up on Rapperswil in Switzerland which we consider as a favorite holiday destination in Switzerland. Switzerland is a country which must have inspired the great masterpieces of art and literature, it is like a painting come to life, a poem wafting tantalizingly in the air, a sculpture skillfully etched by Nature. One relatively unknown gem where you can listen to the sound of your own footfalls and gaze reverently at the lake and soak in nature is Rapperswil.

Crazy Travelista

Shipwreck Beach Zakynthos

Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos, Greece: In an unexpected turn of events, we ended up at at the top of Shipwreck Beach. The most beautiful site I had seen in all of my travels stood right below me. Forget all the famous pictures of this place, this was raw, unedited beauty and it literally took my breathe away. It was there that I realized the true beauty of the world and I was instantly filled with peace
and contentment. I get chills wherever I think of this magical day and this is exactly why I love traveling. It’s not about the destination, but the way it changes your outlook on life.

Scott MacLeod From At The Drop

indo pacific sergeant fish

For favorite destination, no place has the combination of great beaches, fantastic food, wonderful people, and real value of Thailand. The beaches are top notch, from Samuito Phuket. Thai food is legendary, found world wide, with universal appeal. It is even better in Thailand, whether from ubiquitous street vendors or the best restaurants.The Thais are taught from childhood that if one loses their temper, they weren’t raised properly. That is the genesis of a warmth, and graciousness that is rare, and part of the joy of being there. And the values are real. For example, the Bangkok rates for some of the world’s best hotels are often 25% less than others in the same chain. Put those all together, and Thailand is tough to beat.

Nina From Safari Junkie

Meroe Pyramids sudan

Meroe Pyramids in Sudan – If you like pyramids but don’t like tourist crowds, skip Egypt and head to Meroe Pyramids in Sudan! Not the easiest place to travel if travelling solo, but once you get there it will be only you, sand, wind and silent pyramids awaiting to discover their stories. As off beat destination as it can be!

Ashleigh Phifer From Paws and a Passport


When it comes to vacationing I love to be at the beach or in the big city, but there’s one place that doesn’t quite fit that mold that will always be my favorite. Gatlinburg, in my home state of Tennessee, is located along the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one of the most visited national parks in America. The Smoky Mountains are home to amazing hikes, climbs, and sights. There’s a high chance you will see some awesome wildlife while you’re out and an even better chance of taking some amazing photos. Gatlinburg is a city with so much to do and there are always events and festivals held year round. Despite the draw of people from all over the world, Gatlinburg still finds a way to hold that peaceful mountain vibe.

Sierra From TakeMe-WithYou

Keswick england

The gem of the North Lake District, Keswick, balances small village charm with the rugged majesty of its surroundings. Thrill seekers of all ages will find Keswick well worth a detour from England’s typical train-linked destinations (although be sure you plan extra time to catch the bus from Penrith!). Sheep do seem to outnumber people on the walking trails. I love the hiking trails (or “walking” trails, as the locals say). There’s all different paths for every level of activity, and the views from some of the higher hills are absolutely breathtaking. The locals are extremely kind and proud to share their home with appreciative tourists.

Sharmistha From That Girl’s Life Stories


Krabi is just gorgeous. Why it’s my favourite is not only because we spent our honeymoon there, but also because it offers so much for someone who wants to break free from everyday mundane activities. We lazed down on the white sandy beaches, snorkeled in the beaches, saw gorgeous sunsets, and gorged on delicious Thai cuisine. We couldn’t stop marveling at the striking natural beauty be it the gorgeous cliffs or the beaches. The hot springs are also almost therapeutic and refreshing at the same time! We did kayaking too to experience Krabi’s breathtaking landscapes.

Brianne Morford From Wander With Bri

Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas at Playa Danta, Costa Rica is on top of my amazing holiday destinations list. Las Catalinas is a d r e a m. Pura vida {Costa Rica’s country motto, pure life} can be easily achieved in this enchanting pedestrian town with it’s old quarter style to your left and it’s private black sand beach to your right. The sound of waves crashing heard from your front door will surely make you want to hit the beach immediately. You can rent all sorts of water equipment, mountain bikes, or sign up for outdoor activity tours at Pura Vida Ride. Did I mention Las Catalinas is surrounded by world-class hiking and biking trails? After you’ve hit the waves for a while, head over to Limonada to grab some fish tacos or tuna tartare. If all of those weren’t enough to win you over – you are sure to fall in love as soon as you experience your first picture perfect sunset – followed by a dark sky with thousands of stars gleaming above you. You will feel in tune with yourself and nature after this ultimate relaxation trip.

Ryan and Cristina From Honeymoon Travellers

Fisherman in Hoi An

One of our recent favorite spots was Vietnam. Vietnam is impossible to boil down to a soundbyte… the mix of cultures old and new, the flavors of locally grown food eaten humbly at curbside restaurants, the stunning scenery of jungle-covered mountains, sunsets by the Mekong and white sand beaches, and the nicest people on the planet, all combine to create something truly special in Vietnam. Add to all that how incredibly inexpensive it is to travel there ($37/day for two), and well, it’s a country we’ll definitely be returning to again as soon as possible.

Danik From Danik The Explorer


One of my all time vacation destinations has to be the Maldives. I am not normally a person who likes to relax by the sea, taking in the the sandy beaches, swimming in the clear blue oceans and simply enjoying the local cuisine but now and again I do need this and one destination always come to mind, the Maldives and is currently my number one destination to get away from it all. I really do feel miles away from home (or anywhere for a matter of fact), the remoteness and the wildlife ranging from dolphins to stingrays roaming around in the ocean. With plenty of resorts and hotels to choose from on its many islands, I am spoiled for choice!

Sadhvi Mythuli From Beauty Brain Bliss

Pykara falls Ooty

Ooty is located on Nilgiri Hills,Tamil Nadu. The journey to Ooty itself is very pleasant. Mesmerizing nature welcomes you from the very beginning. The weather in Ooty is the most impressing thing. I have visited many hill stations in both south and north India, they were either boring or extremely chilly places. Ooty seemed to have the perfect weather when we visited in August. It was not too cold and never hot wild mild rain sprinkling occasionally. We rented a bike there and roamed on it and even with hours of roaming we never got exhausted. .They were very few places exactly to be called as ‘Tourist spots’ , but some view points are simply breath taking.The Nilgiri toy train is a must try..as it is one of the UNESCO World heritage things in India.

Madeline Schürz

Rio de Janeiro

There are so many good reasons why Rio de Janeiro is also called the marvelous city. Copacabana beach, Christ the redeemer, samba parties, the sugarloaf, hiking trails and ice-cold caipirinhas are just some of reasons why I love the city so much. The opportunities of what to do, where to go and what to see are endless and the best of all are the people. Cariocas are probably the friendliest, happiest and most optimistic and social people I have ever meet. They have a talent of bringing out the best in everybody with their endless positivity.

Maria From GlobalMary


Madeira is my most favourite destination. This Portuguese island is not a beach paradise unlike it’s Spanish neighbours the Canary Islands. Madeira is rocky, unique and challenging! And that is why I love it. It’s a great destination for those who love the ocean, mountains, forests and desert at the same time. I know it sounds confusing, but Madeira has it all. It’s perfect for an active vacation with hiking, walking along the Levadas, swimming in the natural swimming pools of Porto Moniz and enjoying fresh fish and seafood with a perfect glass of Portuguese wine. For those who want to go there, I recommend to take a car and explore the island.

Jessica J. Hill From MissAdvenureTravel

amazing holiday destinations

When I decide to travel, I usually want to go somewhere new and stay for a while, which means I’m constantly making new favorite places around the world. However, there is one place that stole my heart several years ago, and the only one I’ve returned to again and again: Thailand. People often describe the country as “magical” and I think that’s because it’s difficult to put in words why exactly it has such a strong gravitational pull for many of us. It has something for every kind of traveler, and can cater to any kind of holiday. The only problem is that Thailand lingers in your heart and your mind for so long after your first visit that you never really leave.

Lisa Adolf


Iran is a colourful country which can offer you a diversity in history, culture, stunning natural places, surprising food and lovable people. It is a big country with plenty of cheap modes of transport. For urban, crazy life, a place where you can find basically everything – Teheran is your city (look for the right people for underground parties etc. if you are interested). I’m sure you will see so many things that are different for you than expected. In culture and beauty the cities Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz (including the nearby Persepolis) are unbeatable. There you can also have the experience to sleep in the desert, visit fire temples of the Zoroastrians and submerge the world of poetry, romance and feelings of 1001 nights. I personally love the famous carpet bazaar of Tabriz in the north of the country. And if you like nice climate it’s also recommendable to be around this area. You can visit the stone-village Kandovan, the mountain-village Masouleh and the Caspian See. There are so many places that you can already spend one month only there. If you are into nature and mountains, then you should go to the West and explore Kurdistan and Luristan close to the Iraq boarder and, in my opinion, not dangerous. A note to the south: There is a place called Bandar Abbas and there you will find a completely different culture and behaviour. The people living there are descendants of an afro-Iranian culture and they still preserve some African culture and life.

Sherwin Mapanoo From Nomadic Travelogue

blue lagoon iceland

If I could just recommend one holiday destination in the world, I would have to say it’s the Blue Lagoon in Grindavik, Iceland. I have never seen anything quite like it before! It is as magnificent as the photographs make it look and dipping into its warm, cloudy, electric blue-colored water at 37-40 degrees Celsius surrounded by volcanic rocks is such a sublime and relaxing experience. The lagoon glows like a surreal painting as the steam rises off the water. Around it, you can also scoop some white silica mud and put it on your face and body. The entrance fee is definitely worth it!

Taran Ramshaw & Hannah Galpin From Nomad’er How Far

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is our top pick for our favourite holiday destination. The worlds largest sand island, home to dingo’s, snakes and some of the most photo-worthy views you’ll find in Australia, it is definitely worth exploring. Known as K’Gari by its traditional owners, the Butchalla people, it is raw and rough in places, with clean expanses of endless clean sand drifting down to the ocean; this place is a campers haven. Lake Mckenzie is a tranquil spot of epic blue beauty, with champagne pools the place to experience the rough surf in relative relaxation. Fraser is far enough from civilisation that it feels unspoilt, and yet it gives you a desert island experience without entering ‘Castaway’ territory. If you visit just one of Australia’s tropical islands, then this one will leave a lasting impression.

Violeta Matei From VioletaMatei

Praia Grande de Pera

Praia Grande de Pera, Algarve, Portugal – Hidden behind a field of almond trees and a stripe of sand dunes, Praia Grande de Pera is a natural beach, perhaps one of the very few pristine beaches left in Europe. I love it for its tranquility, for the clear waters and for its mix of wilderness and modern comfort. Fishermen launch their boats to water every morning. By late afternoon, they return, to the joy of the countless seagulls, eager to have their dinner served directly on the beach. Locals walk their dogs along the sand dunes, everybody is relaxed and smiling, and the food is simply fabulous. There’s also a wild park nearby, where you can watch various species of birds, rabbits and other tiny creatures. I’ve booked a two week vacation there and I ended up staying three months. I still dream of going back someday.

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south africa

It doesn’t matter how far I travel and where I go, South Africa will always be my favourite holiday destination because it offers a history that still amazes and confuse me, cultures I still need to explore and places which are still undiscovered. The country boasts kilometers of pristine coastline, a desert and incredible mindblowing wildlife, mountains and forests. It is impossible to get enough of South Africa as it is the ultimate all-in-one country; affordable with incredible weather and a whole lot of soul. In South Africa you always get way more than what you bargained for!

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Down by the old railway tracks

My favourite destination so far is Moshi – a vibrant medium-sized town that sits humbly in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I lived here for five months as a volunteer and loved everything about it – the friendly, strong and optimistic people; the wildly contrasting landscapes and vivid colours wherever you look; the vibrant culture and sense of community and faith. It is also a great base for accessing some of Tanzania’s amazing national parks, home to an abundance of African wildlife, and the exotic island of Zanzibar is only a short flight away too. Moshi offers the perfect mix of adventure and comfort. It’s anything you want it to be….and then some!

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pyramids in Giza

Controversially, I’m going to go with Egypt as my favourite holiday destination. I’ve been an expat there for five years and I can’t rate it highly enough. There’s something for everyone: history, culture, kite surfing, diving, sand boarding and much much more. Since living in Egypt, I’ve taken a cruise from Aswan to Luxor down the River Nile, I’ve camped out under the stars in the Sahara Desert, seen some of the most beautiful sunsets, met some of the friendliest people, flown in a hot-air balloon and enjoyed almost year-round sunshine. Egypt isn’t expensive either so it’s perfect for the budget traveller – especially if you’re happy to barter!

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St Petersburg

Ever since I spotted a big red blob called U.S.S.R. on my first atlas, I’ve been a bit obsessed with Russia, so I jumped at the chance to visit my friend in St Petersburg a few years ago. The city is a fascinating combination of European and Russian architecture, with breath-taking views every time you turn a corner. We spent our time walking for hours, touring the amazing metro stations, drinking Soviet Champagne, partying till dawn, and pretending to be Russian to get cheap tickets to the ballet. I would jump at the chance to go back and explore more of Russia.

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atlas mountains

Hot air balloon ride over the Atlas Mountains Morocco- Floating across the sky at sunrise, enjoying a bird’s-eye view of Morocco’s deserts and the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Letting the wind take us to discover the earth from the air. Definite *bucket list *material – asking myself “*did I really just do that?” When you ride a hot air balloon, you’re at the airs mercy, only being able to control height, not speed or direction. The experience is exhilarating, slightly terrifying, but my eyes were vivid with wonder; trying to take everything in, whilst clutching to the basket for dear life. Flying was very peaceful and smooth but almost eerie, as it didn’t feel like we were even off the ground. We floated over small towns, farming areas and got to see the mountains illuminated by the morning sun !

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Pena Palace

Sintra is a picturesque town at the foothills of Sintra Mountain around an hour away from Portugal capital city Lisbon by train. Sintra has some of the extravagant palaces built by the Portugal’s rulers. Popular ones being the Pena Palace, Quinta da Regaleira and Palacio de Monserrate. Sintra also has some of the gorgeous stretches of azure beaches. It is definitely a must-do day trip from Lisbon with well-connected transportation.

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Scotland Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides -Scotland is known for many things like whisky and bad weather, but to me, it’s the romantic beauty that really sticks. Especially the Hebrides, just off the west coast of mainland, tick all the right boxes for a romantic getaway: there’s the charming little fishing villages, lovely scenic roads, gorgeous coastlines, idyllic beaches and lovely rolling grass hills that make the color palet all the more attractive. And the views don’t cost you anything! My favorite islands are part of the Outer Hebrides: the isle of Berneray, Lewis and Harris. The bright green fields and blue lagoons out here are so spectacular it’s easy to forget you’re in Scotland rather than some expensive exotic destination. And if you’re lucky, you’ve got it all to yourselves most of the time… Enjoy a picnic on the beach or walk up the reefs and wait for the sun to set. Even if the mist comes up from the ocean and starts covering the surroundings, you’ll still be treated with the most surreal vistas. To me, the Hebrides are all about the romance of being disconnected from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Just you and the world… and the sheep, of course. Ferry prices are reasonable and there are plenty of budget hostels and b&b’s with phenomenal views of the surroundings.

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london england

My Favorite Travel Destination is London,England. Despite the fact it is consistently in the top 10 travel destinations in the world, often holding the number one spot, many people seemed surprised when I tell them the London, England is my absolute favorite place to visit.But why wouldn’t it be? The energy is intoxicating, the history is palpable, the architecture is incredible, and a more multicultural place I have never been. This is a city that more than anywhere else finds the perfect balance of past and present, with 11th century fortresses, 300 year old pubs and 1300 year old churches surrounded by some of the best shopping, theaters, galleries, and yes even food, in the world!

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Koh Ta Kiev is an undeveloped tropical island located off the south coast of Cambodia. Covered in lusheous green jungle its bursting with wildlife including a stunning spectrum of brightly coloured butterflies and a wide collection of birds. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters where one can snorkel, skinny Dip among the phosphorescent plankton and cool off from the days heat. This island plays host to only 5 basic guesthouses offering you a chance to get back to unspoilt nature and embrace the simplicity of island life! Koh Ta Kiev truly is paradise on earth!

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Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park – This gem in Newfoundland, the most eastern province in Canada, stole my heart when I road tripped there solo a few years ago. A part of the outlying range of the Appalachian Mountains, it has a variety of beautiful landscapes. From beautiful fjords carved from glaciers to tablelands that resemble a barren desert, Gros Morne is definitely a sight to see! A popular trail is the Western Brook Pond trail, but I suggest the Lookout Trail – it’ll give you some of the best views in the park!

Lillian Small

colorful house iceland

Iceland. Imagine a vast landscape.The deep blue ocean, big skies, volcanoes in the distance, glaciers by your side. The long windy Ring Road takes you through villages and natural rock formations. Hundreds of waterfalls are yours to discover. Icelandic horses greet you as you pass. It appears they may be the sole inhabitants.Lighthouses and churches mark human impact but Mother Nature is still in control. Untouched and pristine, the landscape drastically changes before your eyes as do the seasons. Relax in hot springs, admire the Northern Lights dancing above and soak in the nightlife of Reykyajik.

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Elphinstone Point in Mahabaleshwar

Around 300 kilometers from Mumbai lies Mahabaleshwar, a quiet hill station nestled in the Western Ghats range at an elevation of 1,353 meters. Mahabaleshwar is the ‘Strawberry Capital of India’ contributing 85% of the total strawberry production in the country. I prefer to visit Mahabaleshwar for its peaceful environment where I can enjoy the gifts of nature. There are various points here like Arthur Seat Point, Kate’s Point, Wilson Point that are quite popular, but more than anything else I prefer to take a walk in the tiny villages close to Bhose where I can visit factory outlet of Mapro and other local jam manufacturers that offer products at rock bottom rates. A perfect getaway destination for nature lovers and couples.

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carmen in thailand

Although overly crowded with tourists, Thailand has some unique points for example it has something for everyone. Do you want city? then you go to Bangkok and enjoy the skyscrapers and the amazing city life it offers. Do you want beach? Thailand has a wide array of idyllic tropical beaches that are hard to find elsewhere unless you go to the Caribbean maybe but then that would cost way more than going to Thailand. Countryside? Thailand has beautiful landscape in different country side options.

Anchored in Alaska

Kodiak Alaska

Kodiak, Alaska, a remote Island in the Pacific Ocean. It can be an adventure just to get here, but well worth it in the end. This island has so much to offer for an adventurist. You are surrounded by beauty. During the summer months you can find the Salmon jumping in the streams, Kodiak Brown Bears catching Salmon from these riverbeds (right in front of you). Mountains jetting right out of the ocean – still snow capped from the winter months. Our temperature stays between 65-75, perfect for all the beautiful hikes throughout Kodiak. From fishing, hunting, hiking, trail riding, photography this island does not disappoint!

Diganto Ozzy

Kelvingrove Museum

Nestled on the banks of Clyde River, this beautiful little city called Glasgow is the capital of Scotland.  I loved the pebbled streets along with Victorian and Gothic structures; gives a feeling of being transported to a different era altogether. Within these oldish looking structures lies the modern times with offices and stores that one can ask for. The city centre (aptly named Argyle Street) is the main hub for people to meet and have a great time. I was mesmerized by the street performers ranging from a soccer jedi to the drummers from Scottish Highlands (damn they were good). Being a history buff myself, I really enjoyed exploring the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. It houses some of the exquisite stuff related to the Viking Era among others. It so happened that there was a AC/DC (the rock band) exhibition happening which made this trip perfect. I was quite surprised to find a NYPD (New York Police Dept) squad car parked in front of a cafe. Upon enquiry I found that it was a prop from the Hollywood movie World War Z. Hogwarts (from Harry Potter) is a place which is imaginary but if you look at the main building of Glasgow University it doesn’t look too farfetched.

Gloria Apara From Nomadic Chica

Easter Island Chile

It is very difficult to choose only one favorite destination, but if I might to think about a holiday destination (saying staying there for a week or two) the one that has become very close to my heart is Easter Island in Chile. It is fascinating to be in the Eastern piece of land from South America and you get to feel that distance from the continent. After few days I was on a peaceful mood and I had enjoyed every second of my time there. Being lucky enough to meet locals from the first hour in the island gave me a once in a life experience, watching them fish in the traditional way, partying and hiking with the input of the ones living daily a culture with a deep connection with the Universe you get to have a renewed way to view the world. I recommend everybody to take the chance to visit Chile and this magical Island!

JennFlo Taylor From Hungry Belly Travels

Hakone in Japan

My favourite destination would be Hakone in Japan! This spa loving, nature loving haven is only an hour away from Tokyo and is the perfect place to chill out. There is plenty to do- visit high end art galleries, hike in forests, sail a pirate ship on Lake Ashi, check out a volcano, visit picturesque shrines or (my personal favourite and the main drawcard to the area) bath outdoors whilst looking at Mt Fuji.

Daniel Groothuis From Wanderer Vs World


Beautiful white beaches and clear blue waters! It sounds amazing right? Well, that’s not the reason why I’m slowly falling in love with this Island. Don’t get me wrong tho, It’s beaches and nature are absolutely stunning, but what I absolutely admire about Curaçao is it’s rich culture. The locals are friendly and it’s a laid back culture where the importance lies on relaxation and true living. There’s always a party somewhere and mixed with the Latin American culture it comes quite close to paradise. Although most parts of Willemstad isn’t pretty, It’s absolutely worth it to visit!

Scott writes for Intrepid Escape

Jasper Natoinal Park

I’m not sure where to start with Jasper. Alberta isn’t a usual holiday destination for us Brits, but it should be. From incredible hikes, stunning lakes and adrenaline activities in the summer, to endless slopes for Skiing and snowboarding in the winter. There’s something about sitting on top of the Whistler mountain here, breathing in the beautiful fresh air, that makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. And then there’s the friendly atmosphere, chilled out bars, great food and craft beers to wind away the hours in the evening. Perfect!

Max Adolf


You cannot buy happiness, but you can go diving…that’s about same. Living in Germany, my favourite destination is a diving safari on the Red Sea. Reaching out for the touristy regions like Hurghada with crowded dive basis and spots near the big hotels might not be the best place for a calm dive, but when you join a liveaboard, stress flies away and the world under the sea opens up in its full beauty. Wake up on the boat, take an early morning dive right before breakfast….just dive! And if you’re lucky, you even might meet a hammerhead or a whale shark.

Meijin Fang

sapa vietnam

I have traveled around ASEAN countries but one of the most amazing holdiay destinations for me, is Sapa. Amazing weather, epic scenary, great food and drinks are just few of the reasons. The main reason why I visited Sapa was The rice terrace, Valley stream. It stole my heart. Greeery everywhere, nice weather, about 15 km trekking and costs 15 USD with experienced tour guide. There are so many experiences which I cannot explain – once you visit Sapa you will see why I fell in love with it.

Jon Algie From Jon Is Travelling

Don Det 4000 islands

Don Det is a tiny island in the 4000 Islands region of Southern Laos, one of the most scenic stretches of the Mekong River. It’s probably the most laid-back place I’ve ever been. Locally run bars, restaurants and guesthouses line the river on both the sunset and sunrise sides of the island. The sunsets are world class and nothing beats watching one from the deck of your $5 a night bungalow. There is a bridge connecting Don Det to another island, Don Khon, where you can check out a dramatic waterfall and go searching for endangered Irrawaddy dolphins. Don Det is the perfect holiday destination — everything is cheap, the scenery is beautiful and there’s plenty of things to do if you get sick of relaxing in your hammock.

Jo From WanderWithJo

Cheetah in Masai Mara

As for me, I have so many amazing holiday destinations popping in my head right now and it is hard to choose just one. To be fair to everyone, I will go ahead and zero in on Kenya. Being a naturalist and wildlife enthusiast, Kenya was the perfect getaway for me. Abundance of wildlife , friendly people and mouth watering cuisines are just few of the highlights. From the grasslands of Mara to the wetlands of Naivasha – It’s a destination one should not miss. Add it to your bucket list now.

Amazing Holiday Destinations

Amazing Holiday Destinations

So, friends and fellow travelers – I hope you enjoyed this ultimate bucket list we created for you. Which one of these 73 Amazing holiday destinations have you added to your bucket list and which ones you have visited and love already? Share your thoughts on our guide and don’t forget to share the post with your friends – We all need some travel inspiration, don’t we?


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