7 Reasons You Should Rent a Car on your Next Holiday

Guest Blogger Sebastian Tan of AspiringBackpacker tells us why it is cost effective and smart way to use car rentals while on the go!

Driving is one of my favorite things to do, period. I especially love to hire cars when I go on holiday and it is something that I would highly recommend to anyone that has a little bit more time and wants to enrich their experience. There are just countless reasons that I love renting a car, but here are some of my absolute top ones, so read on to find out more.

Why you should use car rentals while traveling?

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Insurance means peace of mind

Once you have holiday insurance you don’t need to worry about anything apart from getting out onto the road and driving where you want. This is especially good in foreign countries, which you may find unfamiliar and different in terms of driving and ensures total peace of mind.

Come one, come all

One of the great things about hiring a car in a foreign country is that you have the flexibility to actually transport many people. You can hire a van and you can take quite a few people with you. This is great for going on holiday with a large number of people and is much easier than trying to organize buses and trains, which may not always be possible to do all together.

Save moolah!

Instead of buying a bus or train ticket for your whole family or travel group, a rental car can actually be a much more cost effective solution for travel. You can split the cost of the car between the number of people and it could be much cheaper than taking public transport.

Stop and Go

road trip

When you take a train or bus you tend to miss things that you could be enjoying along the way. This is usually because you are on a highway or on a train line in the middle of nowhere. This is not the best way to see some interesting sights, but with a rental car you can experience all the towns and places between your start point and your destination.

Absolute freedom

One thing I hate about taking the bus or train is the lack of freedom in getting to your destination. I hate seeing a beautiful building or town on a train or bus, because you can’t just stop and have a look and I have been disappointed by this many times.

When you hire a car, you can stop and simply let your curiosity take over. You can explore literally anything along the way that you find interesting and  this is the ultimate freedom in my book.

Take the longer route and explore more

When searching for a way to get from A to B we often see how far it is and how long it will take. I love that when you hire a car you can take as long as you want to get there, you don’t need to rush to catch your 7AM train and then stressfully change trains at 9AM sharp. You can eat a leisurely lunch along the way or even relax in a park and there is no schedule holding you back. You could also just pick a random town in between and just drive there, the freedom is just endless.

You get to drive jazzy cars

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I love renting cars because it is always interesting to see what car you will get. I also love the fact that I can drive a car that is new and fun. This also gives you a lot of flexibility with where you can go. For example, you may drive a hatchback everyday, but you could hire a utility vehicle and go a bit more off road to experience something. This is definitely an exciting element to hiring a car and driving different cars has always been a fun experience for me. Heck, you could even rent a sports car or a Merc if you please.

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