7 Off the Beaten Path Hikes in Norway

stunning fjords

The essence of Norway’s remarkable appeal is quite simple as it is without any doubt the most stunning place to visit on earth. In fact, even the locals during their lifetime, can never get to experience enough of the natural wonders of the country.

The best way to get up close to the scenic landscapes of Norway is undoubtedly on foot.The hiking season starts in late spring, when people of all age groups head out to the many diverse trails along forests and coasts.This has made Norway a one of the leading hiking destination in Europe.

To avoid the crowds, a few paths less trodden where people don’t normally go but should, are listed here. These not so well known routes are equally rewarding, if not more, than most of the other  popular hiking trails.

Unique Treks, Walking Trails and Hikes in Norway

hiking in fjords norway

Have a soul enhancing trek in Finse

Finse lies on the Bergen railway line connecting Oslo to Norway’s West coast. Since there are many things to do in Oslo a short layover is highly recommended.

During the brief period of good weather the place enjoys, Finse becomes a great place for outdoor activities. The town has no road link, hence the few lucky ones who get down at the station are rewarded with captivating mountain beauty.

The hikes offer remarkable views of the mighty Hardangerjokulen glacier. Since the people coming here are limited, one can walk for hours and spend days without meeting anyone else and have the trails to yourself.

Walk the untamed Lofoten islands

northern lights lofoten islands

Some of the best hikes in these wild and untamed Lofoten islands offer a true fairy tale experience. The archipelago is situated north of the Arctic Circle and has the most pretty beaches and mountain views. You might even see the spectacular northern lights, if you are lucky.

The week long trip passes through four islands, namely, Moskenes, Flakstad Oya, Vestvagoy and Henningsvaer. The mix of rocky mountains,fishing villages and beaches makes for a perfect offbeat walking destination to Europe’s most northern wildernesses outpost.

Walk on the wild side in Fulufjellet National Park

This hike allows you to experience the Norwegian forest through smells and sights. The park is home to elk as well as bears, lynx and wolverines.The bird life here is phenomenal. The trek involves staying in tents with basic facilities during the holiday which lasts four days.

Explore the mountain peaks around Valdresflya plateau

This hiking trip is perfect for those who like to trek in the mountains beyond the marked trails. The walk starts from Mjell Knapp, one of the peaks of the Vennisfjell mountain. A detour from the edge of the cliff takes you to Tjrobotten, from where one can enjoy great views of Lake Slidrefjorden.

A walking holiday in the Fjords of Norway

stunning fjords

This walking holiday is an awakening in itself, where the hiker stays on the slopes of these magnificent and famous fjords. There are 44 national parks in the country where all vehicles are prohibited. The freedom to roam and savor this geological greatness is an enthralling experience.

With visits to the Jotunheim National Park, home to the Nigardsbreen glacier and the Jostedalsbreen ice cap, is the making of a trekking holiday of a lifetime.

Hike the kingdom of Peer Gynt

Rondane norway

The realm of the legendary Norse folk hero Peer Gynt, is an area of stunning natural beauty where the man was said to have found ultimate peace and tranquility. To convince yourself of this praise, one must undertake this rather easy 67 km hike from Skeikampen to Espedalen. The hike passes through the scenic panorama of the Rondane and Jotunheimen park mountain ranges.

Family multi activity holiday in Lierne National Park

This week long  walking trip in the Lierne National Park in Norway is ideal for families. The trip includes apart from hiking, wildlife observation, fishing and swimming in the jungle.

Deep inside bear country, you will be mesmerized by the wonderful landscape of the country right next to the Swedish border.The tour includes foraging for food wild food and use them in the dinner at night. With more than 2000 lakes in the area and the luxury of utmost silence and privacy you are sure to be spoilt for choices.

The most convenient way to explore Norway is on foot. Walking on two legs brings one all the more close to nature and the birds and animals which reside in it. On these offbeat trails you will often have whole landscapes to yourself for the whole day. In Norway, they say, never pack your boots too soon, as there is so much more to see the next day.

So have you tried any of these hikes in Norway? If not, whats your favorite hiking destination? Tell me in comments below!


  1. Great Post I love hiking and hope to one day hike around Norway. Is it super expensive to get around there?

    • Hi Millie, I enjoy moderate level hikes too. I would say like every other country you can budget as you please. If you opt for volunteer work via workaway or simply find a friend on couchsurfing, it would save over 60% of your living costs in any new country!

  2. He ythere, great posts, thanks. I have extensively travelled in Norway and love it. A question regarding the Lofoten thoug. When there, my hikes mostly got interrupted by requiring to catch a ride or a ferry.
    Your one week trip here, do you have a rout. I am heading back this year, but don’t want to hop and pop but rather hike for a few days in a row. A scheduled ferry trip is no issue, but catching a bus or a car etc I would like to avoid. Thanks for any tips.

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