6 Interesting Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Few holiday destinations offer the evocative allure of Sri Lanka. The island has attracted visitors for centuries due to its distant charms, exotic wildlife, and culture.

Thanks to the combination of pleasant year-round temperatures, beautiful scenery, historical sites, and amazing fauna, Sri Lanka still draws millions of visitors to this day. If you’ve never considered the island nation for a holiday before, here’s a list of some of the best things to do on a holiday to Sri Lanka.

Since I had just one week in Sri Lanka, I could not cover all of these places, but its near for me and I can surely re-visit one day. As a wildlife enthusiast, I had to choose between yala or udawalawe safari sri lanka, however, sadly I could not do either as it wasn’t the best time for game watching.

Natural beauty of Sri Lanka

Natural beauty of Sri Lanka

Sri Pada

Also known as Adam’s Peak, Sri Pada offers extraordinary views out across the surrounding mountains. Standing over two thousand metres high, the summit of the mountain can be reached by foot. And while it is a strenuous walk, the open aspect at the top is more than worth the effort. The peak also hosts a sacred rock formation thought to be the footprint of the Buddha. A popular walk, be prepared for crowds at the top, but don’t worry as there’s more than enough view to go around!


The most famous historical sight in the country, Sigiriya is an incredible example of fifth century urban planning, and has several interesting historical structures to explore. The most famous building at the site is the stunning Lion Rock, a 200 metre-high rocky outcrop that towers over the surrounding tropical canopy. Sigiriya is a UNESCO world heritage site, and offers a fascinating glimpse into the country’s history.

sigiriya rock

The amazing Sigiriya Rock


A trip into the tranquil heart of Sri Lanka, Ella is a picturesque hilltop settlement that combines peaceful village life with stunning views from its 1,000 metre-tall viewpoint. Increasingly popular as a stop off for backpackers, the town is attracting more and more visitors looking to see the view through the famous Ella gap and looking to discover the real Sri Lanka.

Minneriya National Park

See elephants in their natural habitat with a visit to the plains of the Minneriya National Park. Found in the beautiful surroundings of North Central Province Sri Lanka, the protective wildlife reserve is an incredible destination for nature lovers everywhere. As well as being able to see herds of upwards of 100 elephants at once, there are also leopards, monkeys, crocodiles, and pythons to see for yourself. You can book a lovely eco hotel in or around the park which would add to the charm.

Dambulla Temple

This is a world heritage site and rightly so. The amazing Buddhist temple of Dambulla attracts hoards of visitors from across the globe due to its interesting architecture.

Entrance to Golden temple/ Dambulla cave temple

Entrance to Golden temple/ Dambulla cave temple

Hikkaduwa beach

The coast of Sri Lanka also boasts its fair share of beautiful beaches, and none are more famous than Hikkaduwa. Not just a beautiful beach, the area is a genuine hotspot that offers fun all day and all night long. A famous destination for surfing, there are plenty of other watersports available. Though one of the best things to do is just sit down and watch the beautiful sunsets with a drink in hand.

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