30 Unmissable Spots in New York City

The iconic metropolis of New York, wears many a sparkling crown on its head. With a dizzy list of art galleries, creative outlets for local cuisine, concert halls and sprawling parks, the city of New York,in addition happens to be the epicentre of shopping.

As soon as the sun sets above the Hudson river, New York is lit up with the dazzle of the illuminated skyscrapers, which in turn, give a magical look to the city’s skyline. Rock bands, dancers and musicians convert the legendary theaters of Broadway into one grand stage, as the people gear up to embrace the high culture the city has on offer.

While there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the colorful places with its variety of ethnicities, the fact is urban NYC is a true visitor’s delight. Each and every neighbourhood differs dramatically from the other. So if you really want to experience this city, here are a list of some unmissable spots where you can savour the many virtues of the “Big Apple”.


Empire State Building

Completed way back in 1931, this 1454 feet tall building is the iconic landmark of the NYC skyline.

Brooklyn Bridge

Completed in 1883, this innovative structure was the longest suspension bridge of its era. The Brooklyn bridge is extremely popular with visitors as it allows for great views of the Statue of Liberty and Governers Island.

Statue of Liberty


Probably the most visited New York attraction, a climb up to the crown gives great views of the city’s harbor, apart from an insight into the construction of this architectural wonder.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

This sprawling building, is probably one attraction of the city which requires days to complete, because of the extensive assembly of curatorial collections dating back to many eras and generations.

Chrysler Building

Come nighttime, this awesome looking skyscraper, transforms into a stunning piece of architecture as the lit up triangle shaped windows in the crown make their effect felt.

Theatre District

broadway walk

Most of Broadway’s popular theatres are located in the Theatre district. Millions of tourists throng the 40 odd theatres here to witness the many plays and mega music shows going on here.

Rockefeller Center

Iconic midtown business complex consisting of 19 commercial high rise structures situated between 48 and 51st street.

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History is said to be one of the biggest museums in the world, showcasing natural wonders like dinosaurs and even  things from outer space.

Grand Central Terminal

A popular rapid transport rail station, known for its beautiful facade and main concourse with plenty of shopping and dining options.

Radio City Music Hall

Nicknamed the ‘Showplace of the Nation’, this entertainment venue is located in the Rockefeller Center.

High Line

This scenic park, erected strategically at a height of 30 feet on an abandoned rail road, provides good views of the city.


china town new york

Located in Lower Manhattan, Chinatown is a neighbourhood ideal for shopping and chinese food

Intrepid sea,air and rail museum

An American Maritime and Military Museum housed on an aircraft carrier, showcases an excellent collection of ships, the space shuttle and the Concorde.

Madison Square Garden

A multi- purpose indoor arena, it plays host to not only sporting events but, concerts etc as well.

Central Park


Said to be the most visited park in America, with millions of people thronging it each year, Central Park also has the distinction of being the most filmed park in the world. Hence, hopping on one of the many Central park tours is a must do when in NYC.

Little Italy

This neighbourhood of lower Manhattan, consists of Italian stores and dining outlets. Little Italy also has a generous population of Italian Americans.

World Trade Centre

The sixth tallest building in the world, the rebuilt structure affords great views from the 101st floor. A complete New York experience with fine dining and bars.

The Cloisters

Founded in 1938, the Cloisters, housed in medieval architecture, displays  more than 2000 exhibits of art and  stunning horticulture.

Coney Island


As a beach and leisure center, Coney Island features more than 50 rides and other attractions.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This monumental church was built in 1879, with twin spires depicting Neo-Gothic designs. This historic building is an iconic landmark of NYC.

Yankee Stadium

Home to the Major Baseball League team of the New York Yankees, the stadium replaced the older one in 2009.

Lincoln Center for Performing Arts

This 16 acre multi–complex of buildings, plays host to such important groups like New York City ballet and Metropolitan Opera.

Times Square

A major entertainment center and tourist destination, situated in the heart of the Theatre District, the brightly lit Times Square is an ideal place to visit on foot.

Battery park

new-york-battery park

Located on the southern tip of Manhattan island, this 25 acre historic public park offers ferry services to both Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty.

Liberty Island

Best known for the location of the Liberty Statue, the Liberty Island is one of the three “Oyster Islands” located in the New York Harbor.

Central Park Zoo

Conveniently located within the famous Central Park, the zoo features some amazing animals like, polar bears, sea lions and a tropical zone bird house.

Hall of Science

Venue of the 1964 World Fair, the Hall of Science showcases 450 plus exhibits, especially for children who can interact with the environment.

42nd Street

This major street in the borough of Manhattan, is the site of some of the city’s well known buildings like, UN, Grand Central Terminal, Times Square among others.

Madame Tussauds


More than just a museum of wax made objects,  Madame Tussauds, New York, gives visitors an insight into the lives of important people. The added Ghostbuster experience provides an eerie cinematic visual based on the 2016 hit film.

New York Aquarium

Since its inception in 1897, the New York Aquarium has been constantly in operation. A must see attraction located on Coney Island, where one can play with the marine creatures and get to see sharks up close.

September 11 Memorial

Museum built in memory of the September 11, 2001 attacks which killed 2,997 people, and the bombings at World Trade Center in 1993.

So, if you have been to NYC, tell me how many of these iconic spots have you visited already?

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