24 hours in Ivory By Ayola, Bandung

Ivory by Ayola is a chic boutique hotel in the heart of Bandung, Indonesia. Located in the plush shopping and dining hub – Jl. Riau, the hotel and their in-house EverJoy cafe are a must visit if you are in town.

Complete review of Ivory By Ayola hotel in Bandung

ivory by ayola

As soon as I entered the lobby, I dumped my bags on a chair (without even checking in) to click pictures in their beautifully decorated lobby with a wall to wall book shelf. I was a book worm while growing up and holding a real book in my hands still is one of the best feelings. So no doubt I was very impressed by their modern and uplifting decor.

Beautifully decorated lobby area

Beautifully decorated lobby area

Soon the smiling staff ushered my friend and I, to a lovely room with twin beds and city view. The room was clean and cozy with extra comfy beds. All mattresses in Ivory by Ayola are stuffed with goose feathers to ensure the utmost relaxing and sound sleep.

Our lovely room at Ivory by Ayola

Our lovely room at Ivory by Ayola

EverJoy Cafe Review –

The hotel was overall excellent but the lobby decor was the best part for me… until, I saw the EverJoy cafe, I changed my mind. Hands down this lovely vintage cafe stole my heart and become my favorite part of the experience.

everjoy cafe

Stylish decor at EveryJoy Cafe – Outdoor Seating

I spent countless hours chatting with my friend over coffee, beer and good food in the cafe during my 24 hours stay. Here are some pictures to showcase the decor, food, drinks and the delightful time we had.

Classy and comfy indoor seating

Classy and comfy indoor seating

Okay you might say I am biased towards Nasi Goreng but trust me this is the best Nasi Goreng Ayam (Chicken fried rice) I had in Bandung. Seriously. You have to try it to believe it!

My Top Food Pick - Ayam Nasi Goreng

My Top Food Pick – Ayam Nasi Goreng

My friend and I also devoured several items off the menu like sweet potatoes, steaks, nachos, pastas and the usual french fries and chicken balls. We loved it all.

Yummy nachos with our chocolate shake and virgin mojito

Yummy nachos with our chocolate shake and virgin mojito

Soft and juicy salmon steak

Soft and juicy salmon steak

French fries and chicken balls

Starters to down our beer 🙂

We were so impressed by the place that I invited two more friends to pop over later and yes, even the locals were impressed. With so many cafes and restaurants popping up in Bandung, it takes a lot to leave an impression… and EverJoy cafe manages to do so instantly, which is simply outstanding.

everyjoy cafe bandung

All my friends (Frank, Reza, Ina) were impressed by this chic cafe.

The next day we tried their freshly brewed cappuccino and once again, we loved it!

Morning Coffee at EverJoy

Morning Coffee at EverJoy

Downside – A minor downside at the cafe was an average supper. Our luncheon was not as excellent as expected and I was told it was a different chef at lunch and maybe it’s not the case now, post my feedback. Our dining experience was extraordinary with the best culinary delights I had in town for a while. So, EveryJoy  is still one of the best places to eat out in Bandung at night or enjoy freshly brewed coffee all day long.

Ivory By Ayola Video Review

Now that you heard me gushing over the hotel for a while, let me take you around the lovely artistic hotel lobby and the classy EverJoy cafe in this short video and show you why I loved this place –

How to Book?

Website – https://ivory-ayola.com/
Address – Jl. Bahureksa No.3 Bandung, West Java, 40115, Indonesia
Phone: +6222 – 4203999

Special Thanks to the General Manager – Mr Rizaldi Esfandiary who was extremely polite and very open to feedback. He ensured our stay was comfortable and enjoyable. 

Disclaimer – My friend and I were guests of Ivory by Ayola for 24 hours and we were both truly impressed by their services, decor and the rustic charm (plus food and coffee) at the cafe!


  1. Jo, what a delightful hotel you have been guest of recently! I loved the decor in both the lobby and the cafeteria!

    As a huge fan of nasi goreng myself, I’d definitely pay it a visit 🙂

  2. Looks like a perfect place to relax. I would love to try some of that food!

  3. The food looks amazing, its certainly somewhere i would like to eat for sure.The rooms like quite attequate as far as hotel rooms go. Even better that they brewed a good Coffee. Good coffee is one of things i miss most when we travel outside of Australia

  4. Looks like the perfect place to stay. Hope you made it outside too! haha. I love that pic of you guys drinking in front of the picture of people drinking. ^^

  5. Lovely hotel Jo ! I like the decor in the cafe too !

  6. Really nice. I think the cafe is quite cozy and nice. And of course, the rooms seem quite comfortable. If I head here, will look this one up.

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