20 Top Attractions in Turks and Caicos

From the principal tourist gateway of Providenciales to the peace and serenity of Capital Island, there is diversity to be found on each of the stunning islands of Turks and Caicos. Situated just off the southeastern tip of the Bahamas, there are just eight inhabited islands, out of the nearly 40 islands and cays which are found here.

These islands between them enjoy the charms of some of the largest systems of coral reef to be found anywhere else in the world. Each island  differs in character and offers its own unique experiences and taste.The only thing they have in common is the superb year round weather and a plethora of outdoor activities.

It is said that the best way to enjoy the beauty of Turks and Caicos is to come again and again, in order to spend quality time on each and every island. The islands are all in a chain and each one can be easily accessed from Providenciales by a flight not exceeding 20 minutes duration. Some of these islands can be reached by boats and ferries as well. So if you are  planning to visit Turks and Caicos, make a note of these top twenty attractions.

Ride the waves

The ocean is what is Turks and Caicos all about. Jet skiing, paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or kayaking, the crystal clear pristine waters offer an abundance of outdoor activities. Stay at one of the lavish Turks and Caicos villas with your own private beach and enjoy a multitude of water sports and activities.

Go beach hunting at Providenciales

beaches turks and caicos

Without doubt the most popular of all the islands and the hub of the tourist industry of Turks and Caicos, Providenciales or Provo, has a wide range of facilities and tourist attractions.The 8 km long Grace Bay, said to have the most colorful beach in the world, with its white powdery sands and brilliant turquoise hues providing a spectacular backdrop to the shimmering coral reefs lying just off the shore.The Bay also happens to be the home of ‘Jo Jo’, the famous  white bottlenose dolphin, since declared a national treasure, because of its unique ability of easily  interacting with humans.

Saddle up on the Provo ponies

A great way to experience the island on superbly trained horses, which can cater to each and every individual, irrespective of past riding skill.

Head for the caves

Take a guided tour to the Conch Bar Caves for an extreme caving experience. All you need to bring is proper footwear to counter the flat and slippery conditions and a flashlight.

Bird watching

With more than 150 species of birds to be found in close proximity, even a casual bird watcher will be engrossed by the variety of birds found here. This area is the habitat of the endemic and rare West Indian whistling duck, whose call resembles a soft whistle.

Go island hopping

attractions in turks in caicos

With so many islands close to each other, and with each one emitting its own sight and sounds, a day or two island hopping trip is a must. You can choose a boat, private plane or an air taxi as per your convenience and budget. One thing is sure that you will be enriched by the unforgettable experience.

Lose yourself in Half Moon Bay

Said to be one of the most peaceful and secluded place in the Turks and Caicos, Half Moon bay can only be reached by boat, or even a kayak. The perfect beach to unwind and spend a day with the family.

Eco safari by kayak

Experience the stunning beauty of Grand Turk in your private glass bottom kayak.Enjoy paddling through the mangroves, exploring every nook of these shallow waters and see the vivid marine life pass beneath your kayak as you glide through the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Have a great time fishing

Good family fun is guaranteed on a deep sea or inshore fishing tour. There are plenty of highly skilled and professional captains ready to take you on board.

Go scuba diving

diving in turks and caicos

The islands of Turks and Caicos are strategically located on the edge of two undersea mountains. This naturally formed deep sea abyss is a mecca for skilled scuba divers, where the floor of the ocean drops steeply to 7000 feet.

Ride the island trams

A guided tour on the island trams takes you to the premier historical sites. As you pass by the old buildings and windmills, you will see the exquisite bird life on the secluded sandy beaches and other points.

Get up close to the whales

The waters of Grand Turk are full of Humpback Whales, which migrate here from January to April for mating and giving birth.

Jump into the Hole

For the brave hearted ones this is one adventure not to be missed. This huge limestone Hole has a swimming pool 80 feet below which can only be accessed by getting lowered down by a rope.

Be mesmerized by Chalk Sound National Park

This beautiful turquoise colored lagoon has deposits of limestone set apart from the ocean by a narrow stretch of land. The abundant green top islands are home to hundreds of iguanas. A true paradise for photographers.

Leave the world behind at Pine Cay

With no television, telephone or motor cars, the peaceful ambience of Pine Cay can be experienced in its 14 km of nature trails and immaculate beaches.

Walk along the Crossing Place Trail

This 8 km long path around the coast is a haven for hikers and bikers. The route covers beaches,headlands and bush country for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Visit Grand Turk Lighthouse

Transported in pieces from Britain in the middle of the nineteenth century, the present lighthouse stands next to the keeper’s house, both of are protected monuments.

Wander through the National Museum

Housed in one of the oldest buildings of the islands, the museum is home to one of the most extraordinary exhibit in the form of message bottles which have been washed ashore from all over the world.

See historic Salt Cay

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Salt Cay, at one time was the world’s largest producer of salt and the main economy for more than 300 years.

Go Fish Fry every Thursday

An occasion not to be missed as not only does it showcases the culture of the islands, a feast of local dishes is on offer. Vendors and entertainers alike assemble at Bright Park for this celebration.

It is irrelevant how you choose to spend your time on Turks and Caicos, because you will always remain bewitched by this paradise. Whether a toddler or a senior, there will be activities and attractions in Turks and Caicos to keep everyone occupied and entertained.

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