Hiking in Bandung – Tebing Keraton

hiking bandung
We found the perfect spot to enjoy the view at Tebing Keraton

Looking for the best spots for hiking in Bandung, Indonesia? Well then, you have come to the right place. After spending 11 months in Bandung, I have uncovered quite a few off beat places to hike or grab a drink or two in the city.

In this article, I will take you down memory lane with me and share my experience of hiking upto Tebing Keraton or the Keraton cliff.

My Indonesian friends told me about this epic, newly discovered scenic spot which literally went viral on social media. This is a great place to catch the sun rise in Bandung. I knew I had to see it, but, sadly, I am not a morning person. So, my friends and I decided to catch the sunset instead and finally made our way to Tebing Keraton.

Hiking in Bandung

How to Reach Tebing Keraton

It is not really a hidden place but well, you won’t find it on the map – like many other awesome spots in Bandung. So the best way is to go with a local or just ask around after you reach Dago. Tebing Keraton is situated in Forest Park lr. H. Juanda and I will explain the easiest route to the place.

From Terminal Dago, take the road which leads to Bukit Dago Pakar. Keep going and on left you will see Resor dago pakar. Once you enter, you will pass some cafes like Stone cafe and even the dago highland resort on your left. Go towards North Bukit Pakar and as you keep going uphill, you will see some lovely greenery and enjoy a bit of nature while driving to your destination. Continue till you see ‘Warung Bandrek’ – That’s literally the closest landmark.

View from Keraton Cliff

View from Keraton Cliff

Now, you will be “forced” to park your vehicle since ojeg (Bike taxi) owners closed a road 2 years ago to increase their revenue. They will charge you around $4 (per person, negotiable) to take you up the rocky climb on the bike. However, if you want the real experience – hike it! It’s moderate level hike of around 30 mins. Yes, it is surely steep but very much do-able. I mean, I did it, right? So, you can too!

Entry to Keraton cliff is around IDR 75,000 for foreigners (Approx $6) – I went in as local so I am not sure if this price has fluctuated since.

Why is Tebing Keraton One of the Best Spots for Hiking In Bandung

tebing keraton

Need I say more?

Ah okay so here’s the best part. We enjoyed a stunning view of the forest and a mesmerizing sunset in the bustling small city that evening. Once you reach the top and pay entrance, you can see lush green forests of Forest Park lr. H. Juanda in the deep valley of Bandung.

The melting sun set - Clicked from Tebing Keraton

The melting sun set – Clicked from Tebing Keraton

This view is so amazing and just when you think it cannot get any better, you see a rope hanging on top of the cliff – yes, you can literally rappel down those cliffs, with help of the rope and go as far as you want.

Go down the cliffs to enjoy the surreal view in peace

Go down the cliffs to enjoy the surreal view in peace

Please note – There are no security or safety personnel there so go down the cliffs at your own risk and be very careful as rocks can be slippery, especially during rains. 

You can choose a cliff of your choice and just sit and enjoy the uninterrupted view away from the crowds.

We found the perfect spot to enjoy the view

We found the perfect spot to enjoy the view

Going up the cliffs is bit of a pain too but remember this time you have to hike downhill towards the parking lot, so it kind of gets balanced.

Hiking in Bandung is a lot of fun as the city is so scenic with pleasant weather throughout the year. It’s the perfect spot for adventure or relaxation – choose your poison and enjoy your stay in this lovely town.

Have you ever been to Bandung? Tell me about your favorite things to do in Bandung. I am all ears!


  1. hehe you have to be very adventurous to climb up there! Great view makes it worth it though!

  2. I have yet to make it to Indonesia – soon I hope! Did you climb down the rocks on the ropes?! Hiking is my absolute favorite way to get some exercise + see the sights + find a hidden local place. If I ever make it to Bandung, I’ll def do this hike.

    • Haha yes I did. It looks steeper than it was, really. You must go to Indonesia and def visit Bandung too – at first, it looks like “just another city” but spend some time there and you will fall in love.

  3. I absolutely love hiking and this would be a great adventure. Not sure I could do the rappelling especially with my 2 young girls but I would still love to visit. Happy Roving!!!

  4. Luxury Travel Diva August 10, 2016 at 11:28 am

    This is stunningly beautiful, but how do you get back in the dark after seeing the sunset? I’m not sure I would be brave enough to swing down the rope without a safety rope attached. Bravo you!

  5. What a gorgeous spot to watch the sunset! I never would have discovered this on my own.

  6. Christina Pfeiffer August 10, 2016 at 9:29 pm

    What an intrepid traveller you are. Well done! The view from those rocks looks pretty cool. I had not considered hiking in Indonesia before but you’ve given me something to think about.

  7. Live Learn Venture August 11, 2016 at 8:36 am

    You know I didn’t do any hiking while in Indo — wait till you hear my embarassing biking story lol (if I haven’t told you yet!) Thanks for sharing this great info!! I’ll be sure to do hiking next time!

    • Oh the fall? I don’t know the whole story but I surely want to – Come back soon and tell me all about your adventures and fails – looks like the ‘fails’ are rubbing off (sorry!).

  8. I have been to Indo but never in Bandung. I would definitely want to visit it and go out himing.

  9. Looks like a beautiful hike! Love those views and the possibilities for adventure!

  10. Wow! Looks like an intense hike- with all those ropes! I can totally see my husband making this a priority in Indonesia (I’ve added this to my list!) That sunset over the mountains is totally unreal! I definitely missed out on my first trip to Indo!

  11. How fun to go hiking in a spot that isn’t on the map. I would love to see that spooky looking melting sunset. I hope to be able to visit Indonesia and take this hike for myself.

  12. Hi Jo, we’re in Bandung and looking for a private driver with a car who can drive us to Gunung Pedang. Have you got any contacts we could ask? Thanks, Bridget

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